FieldOPS Features

Sales and Marketing

The powerful Sales and Marketing module provides all of the features necessary for monitoring installed customer equipment for repeat or replacement sales, entering and tracking sales leads, analyzing the effectiveness of advertising dollars, and generating various marketing lists from your customer and equipment databases.

Sales Leads can be easily entered into FieldOPS while a potential customer is on the phone. The important properties of a sales lead, such as user-definable lead-type, job type, source and disposition can be easily selected from dropdown lists. Disposition and follow-up dates can be selected from an on-screen calendar.

Work orders, parts orders, and service agreements may reference a sales lead for analysis of various types of advertising effectiveness. 

A central feature of the Sales and Marketing module is the Marketing List Wizard. This powerful tool extracts customer lists based on a number of selection criteria:  

  • Customer Type and Location
  • Billing Account
  • Primary Service Rep and/or Sales Rep
  • Default Rate Sheet and/or Tax Code
  • Account Open Date
  • Contact Info
  • Equipment – type, model, manufacturer, year, install date, warranty date
  • Recent Service History – call type, problem, repair, date range
  • Agreements – type, active, quote, renewal offer, expiration date
  • Revenues in a date range from work order, agreements, parts orders, and/or miscellaneous invoices
  • User defined sales leads
  • Reporting to analyze profitability by sales lead type
  • Create marketing lists using very specific criteria
  • Bulk email or create mail labels for marketing lists
  • Follow up with sales prospects based on disposition, source, job type, or lead type
  • Use Marketing Wizard to streamline other customer related duties with temporary work queues