FieldOPS Features

Service Agreements

Warranties and Service Agreements are ideal for keeping your organization top of mind when a customer needs maintenance or repairs in a home or business. The FieldOPS Service Agreements module provides the functionality required to provide warranty and contract service. 

FieldOPS Service Agreements are fully customizable: you choose the term, number of billing cycles, type of billing, equipment covered, etc. FieldOPS will automatically create invoices for those agreements, as needed, as part of daily processing. Agreements not renewed are automatically expired by the system to prevent against costs incurred outside the coverage period. 

Each agreement type can have its own rate sheet that controls labor rates, markups and discounts for service work. These agreement type settings are defaults, but individual agreements can be edited to use a different rate sheet, billing type, or any other setting.

FieldOPS gives you the ability to print customizable quote, renewal and active agreement forms that can be mailed or emailed to your customers. Renewal offers can be printed and mailed or emailed as frequently as daily to eliminate backlogs on specific days of the month. 

FieldOPS reporting allows you to see the costs and profitability of different agreement types, and to price renewals to optimize your profit margins. 

  • Choose between Periodic or Time of Service Billing
  • Include which equipment is covered by the service agreement
  • Set defaults for different agreement types
  • Define warranties, automatic renewals, default term, rate sheet, call type and more.
  • Define what type of charges are covered: parts, labor, misc. or flat rate