FieldOPS Features

Preventive Maintenance

Regular maintenance on equipment can prevent costly repairs and extend the life of the equipment. As a service provider, you understand the importance of Preventive Maintenance, and with the FieldOPS Preventive Maintenance module, you can make sure no customer equipment goes ignored. 

The FieldOPS Preventive Maintenance module allows you to add a recurring PM Task to any piece of customer equipment. Then, as part of daily processing, the Work Order for that task is automatically created when it is time to schedule the maintenance with the customer. 

PM Tasks can recur on any interval, and can be assigned defaults like technician and estimated repair hours. Use the PM Schedule tool to see how many PM Tasks exist for each month, week, and day of the week.

Increase your sales and build customer trust with the FieldOPS Preventive Maintenance Module.

  • Set Defaults for each PM Task: Call Type, Problem, Required Skill, Repair Time
  • Required Parts for a PM Task are optional
  • Define procedures for a PM Task
  • Choose whether or not a PM Task requires a Service Agreement
  • PM Work Orders are generated automatically as part of Daily Processing
  • PM Tasks will stop being generated when the equipment or agreement associated with the task is no longer active