FieldOPS Features

Custom Forms and Reports

FieldOPS comes equipped with most reports that you need to run your business. Many reports inside FieldOPS are created to display your company logo and information in the header, which presents a polished look to your customers.

Occasionally you will need a custom report to display a different subset of data. Some custom (and standard) reports export to Excel for additional data manipulation, while others use Crystal Reports to create a PDF report that you can print or email from inside FieldOPS. 

When you sign up for FieldDesk, Mobilogic will digitize forms you would like to continue using in the field. These can be service reports, checklists, diagrams and maps, time sheets, or even forms required by manufacturers or municipalities. 

FieldDesk will automatically pull any relevant data from the customer record or work order into the corresponding form fields, to reduce data entry time and prevent human error, and forms can capture signatures from either customers or technicians. Fields that are commonly auto populated include customer name and address, contact information, work order number, equipment details, and work completed.


  • Use your logo on invoices and statements
  • Auto-fill forms on FieldDesk from Work Order or Customer data
  • Create digital checklists and internal forms, like time sheets, time-off requests, parts requests, and more.
  • Auto-fill time sheets from assignment timestamp data
  • Digitize forms required by manufacturers or municipalities