FieldOPS Features

GPS and DBoard Mapping

Get Places Sooner! While that’s not the actual meaning of GPS, your customers will appreciate the prompt response time that results from using MapTools and the MapTools GPS Server

MapTools works with your DBoard and Google Maps to provide real-time mapping of your service and installation work orders. With an integrated GPS provider, you can also view your technician’s vehicles. 

When you route your assignments more efficiently, you’ll cut down on both gas and travel time costs. DBoard users will be familiar with the right-click menus that allow a user to edit the work order or assignment right from the map. Just like on the DBoard, MapTools can filter by employee group and date, and show or hide unassigned work orders.

When combined with the inventory management module, MapTools with GPS opens up  more possibilities:

  • An emergency call comes in, and you can send the closest technician and the closest truck with the required parts.
  • A service technician on site doesn’t have the parts required to complete a job. Rather than drive back to the warehouse, the dispatcher can find the closest truck or van with that part on hand. 

 MapTools integrates with:

  • NetworkFleet
  • @Road/Trimble
  • TomTom
  • FleetMatics
  • FleetComplete
  • FleetLocate
  • Geotab
  • Comet Tracker
  • And More
  • Save time and money with more efficient assignment routes
  • Real Time Mapping
  • DBoard Functionality on the Map
  • Map pins are color coded like DBoard cards
  • Integrate with popular GPS providers