FieldOPS Features

Customer Relationship Management

The customer database is at the heart of FieldOPS, and it is connected to nearly every other aspect. 

The customer database allows for an unlimited number of customer contacts, each with their own title, email address, and up to six phone numbers. 

From the customer view, keep notes of any important conversations, track email sent to the customer through FieldOPS, see the entire Work Order, invoice and equipment history, and link to important attachments. 

Combined with the Sales and Marketing module, the customer database makes a powerful sales tool. 

Schedulers can find customers easily by name, phone number or address. When entering new customers, an address verification tool prevents data entry errors like misspellings or incomplete zip codes. 

Print mailing labels or bulk send an email template from any customer list or queue inside FieldOPS. 

  • Quickly print relevant reports for a customer from within the customer lookup tab
  • Easily merge duplicate customers
  • Set customers to inactive or reactivate previous customers
  • Customize each customer’s preferences for emails, mailing lists, bill out authorization, invoice and statement communcation and more
  • Add special instructions and notes to the customer that will display prominently in the customer view
  • Verify addresses when entering new customers
  • Use the Marketing List Wizard to create custom mailing lists or work queues