FieldOPS Features

Mobile Sync

Access and update information in FieldOPS while away from the office using FieldDesk and FieldDesk Lite.

FieldDesk is a Windows based application that allows technicians to complete an assignment from start to finish. With FieldDesk, technicians have all the information they need about their customer right at their fingertips. They can create job quotes, record parts and labor used on the job, create custom forms, and edit existing customer and equipment information.

Technicians can take customer signatures for job quotes and work completed, or any signatures required on custom forms. They can also email forms and take payments using FieldDesk. 

FieldDesk Lite is a mobile application for iOS and Android that allows technicians to update their job status, get customer contact information and driving directions, and attach photos or videos directly to the work order. 

FieldDesk Lite works independently of FieldDesk, but it also makes a great companion app. Any photos or attachments sent from FieldDesk Lite are accessible within FieldDesk right away.

FieldDesk Lite provides access to Sales Leads in addition to Work Orders. Through either, the user has access to customer information like service agreements, contacts, equipment, work order history, and PO Items on order.


  • Customizable Technician Access Level
  • Add, lookup or edit customer records, rate sheets, equipment records, and flat rate repairs
  • Create time sheets based on timestamps or labor hours in the register
  • Custom completion tasks
  • Assign a lead technician and helper
  • Text snippets for easy note entry
  • View Customer History, including repair estimates from previous visits
  • Change work order details in the field
  • Add unlimited attachments like photos or documents