A Brief History of Mobilogic


S2000™ DOS Released

Prior to Founding Mobilogic®

Prior to founding Mobilogic, owners Chad Posladek and Dan Horsch worked for SSI/MDSI, the original owners and developers of the S2000™ service management software. Chad, the VP of Engineering, was the original architect of S2000™ as well as the primary developer. The product was developed in the mid 1980s to operate on the IBM System 38, System 36 and eventually the AS/400. Several large corporations including Coca Cola, GTE and Bank of America utilized S2000™ during this period to manage their field service organizations. Seeing the growth of personal computers for business use, Chad rewrote S2000™. In 1984 they released S2000™ DOS Single User. With the proliferation of the LAN came the first network ready version of S2000™ DOS. This version, released in 1987, introduced the now famous “Dboard” allowing dispatchers to view and dispatch jobs as never before. Dboard continues to evolve even as many competitors attempt unsuccessfully to copy it.

    Early 1990s

    Chad and Dan develop TechNet

    New Cutting Edge Component

    In the early 1990s wireless computing emerged. Chad and Dan, now with SSI, developed a new cutting edge component called TechNet to enable the dispatching of jobs to field workers. This technology utilized very expensive wireless networks and computers, but provided functionality never before available. Due to the high cost of equipment and services TechNet was implemented primarily at large national field service organizations.


    Chad and Dan Start Mobilogic®

    Developing Companion Applications

    In 1994 Chad and Dan started Mobilogic. They saw an opportunity to provide added value for S2000™ users by creating companion applications. Their goal was to use existing and emerging technology to bring the cost of wireless field service down within the reach of all service organizations, large and small. The first step in that direction was the release of Mobilogic PageRunner in 1994 which allowed S2000™ DOS customers to dispatch jobs to pagers directly from the Dboard. It vastly improved dispatcher efficiency and used a technology most companies were already using. PageRunner is still widely used today and now supports additional messaging options including 2-way for automatic Dboard timestamping.


    Field Service Software is founded

    S2000™ Ownership Change

    In 1997 Sean Hoyt, an S2000™ reseller, along with current S2000™ DOS users as investors, formed a company called Field Service Software(FSS) and bought the rights to the S2000™ DOS product from SSI/MDSI. By this time the Microsoft Windows operating system began to take hold and Sean approached Mobilogic for a rewrite of the S2000™ product. S2000Win™, the new application written entirely by Mobilogic, was released in 1998. From 1998 to 2007 Mobilogic continued to develop and maintain the S2000Win™ product for FSS. S2000Win™ quickly became a widespread success with installations nationwide.

    Early 2000’s

    PageRunner, WebLink, MapTools

    Continuing to Add Value

    Mobilogic additionally continued development of its own products, enhancing the value of S2000Win™ with innovative products utilizing advanced technologies. In addition to PageRunner, Mobilogic also released WebLink (providing customer web access to the S2000Win™ data), MapTools (integrating mapping and GPS to enhance dispatch capabilities), and 24 Hour Dispatch (an IVR interface for field workers). In 2007 Mobilogic completed its development work on S2000Win™ with what would become the version 4.0 release and FSS took over the development and maintenance of S2000Win™.


    FieldDesk is Released

    Wireless Field Service Solution

    By this time computing and communications technology had advanced to the point that Mobilogic’s vision for a wireless, paperless field service solution was within the financial reach of most field service organizations. In 2007 Mobilogic released FieldDesk, the most comprehensive mobile field service solution available today. FieldDesk provides incredible benefits for field service organizations of all sizes and across many industries. FieldDesk’s innovative use of the customer’s own forms as well as the latest in touch screen technology reduces training time and increases productivity.

    Fall 2013

    FieldOPS Service Management Software

    Upgrading the Service Management Suite

    With a full suite of complementary products now complete, Mobilogic began creating an upgraded service management suite to meet customer’s needs now and into the future. In the fall of 2013 Mobilogic released its FieldOPS service management software. FieldOPS provides a full featured and highly customizable solution which is tightly integrated with the rest of our service offerings.

    Mobilogic’s FieldOPS and FieldDesk packages are now in use by field service organizations throughout the country supporting hundreds of field workers. They are updated continuously to meet the needs of our customers and to utilize the latest technologies as they become affordable.

    With decades of dedication to the field service industry, Mobilogic provides quality turnkey enterprise service software and mobile communication solutions, professional implementation and training, and world-class customer support services to all of its customers nationwide.

    Mobilogic is committed to maintaining the highest standards of software development and quality service for all of its software products. We believe our success is intricately tied to the ongoing success of our customers.

    -Davisware asserts exclusive ownership of the trademark rights in S2000™ and S2000Win™