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Map Based Scheduling 

MapTools Client

The client allows you to view your FieldOPS service data using Google Maps with all of its built in features. Dispatchers can view their DBoard as a map and perform many of the same functions available from the DBoard. This can lead to vastly improved routing and scheduling. The map can show the entire DBoard, a specific technician’s column (including unassigned), or only a specific assignment. Employee homes and vendor locations can also be shown.
We recommend that dispatcher workstations be equipped with dual monitors to simultaneously view FieldOPS and the MapTools Client but this is not a requirement.

Color Coded by Assignment Status

Schedule Same Day or Future Appointments

Filter by Employee or Group

Show Employees Homes and Vendor Locations on Map

Get Work Order Details from MapTools Pin

Real Time GPS Data

MapTools Server

The optional MapTools Server provides support for imported real-time GPS data. The addition of real-time GPS data from the server allows the MapTools Client to provide enhanced functionality. First, it allows the client to show the current location of the technicians and related GPS data such as speed and whether the ignition is on or off. Second, it supports an additional view called the Tracking View which shows all of the GPS data points throughout the day for a selected technician. Using this view you can export start/stop/traveling times for timesheet verification.

Supported GPS providers include Traxxis GPS Solutions, Verizon Connect, Trimble, Webfleet Solutions and more

Show Real-Time GPS Data to Track Trucks

More Accurate Mapping for Efficient Job Scheduling

Collect Travel Timestamps for Timesheets

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