Spend More Time On Your Specialty
Less Time On Paperwork
Mobilogic® FieldDesk is a wireless service management solution providing mobile field access to work orders and all related data.

Mobilogic® FieldDesk runs on any standard tablet PC running Microsoft Windows XP or newer. Wireless connectivity is not restricted by vendor or technology. Mobilogic® FieldDesk simply requires an internet connection.

Mobilogic® FieldDesk can be used no matter how your company conducts its business.  With customizations to fit the way your company operates, FieldDesk can operate the way your company operates.

(See our FieldDesk Technical requirements and Hardware Recommendations for more.)

Mobilogic® FieldDesk benefits both your dispatchers and the field techs.

While On The Job

While on the job, service personnel can:

  • Receive their assignments wirelessly and accurately
  • Receive complete customer data
  • Provide real-time status updates for scheduling efficiency
  • Provide onsite customer quotes immediately
  • Update customer equipment records
  • Collect customer signature authorizing work
  • Record parts used on the job
  • Collect payment by check, cash or credit card
  • Complete custom forms electronically, reducing paper costs and delays
  • Submit all job information immediately upon completion
  • and much more

In the Office

In the office Mobilogic® FieldDesk allows your dispatchers to:

  • Send assignments to field personnel quickly and easily
  • Receive status updates in real-time
  • Reduce phone interaction with field personnel
  • Receive alerts that field personnel will soon be ready for their next assignment
  • and much more

Upon Completion

Upon job completion Mobilogic® FieldDesk automatically:

  • Posts parts and labor to the work order
  • Creates receipts
  • Attaches forms including proposal detail and customer signature to the work order
  • and much more