FieldOPS Features

Cloud Capability

FieldOPS was built to be stored on a physical server on a system network, so all users could access the same dataset at the same time. This is how FieldOPS functions for all users in real time without relying on a web-based application. 

However, with companies choosing to move their data servers to cloud hosting, FieldOPS can now be cloud-hosted, also. The end user will experience FieldOPS the same way as always, but the program and data will be hosted on a cloud server. By working with a cloud data host with good security and data backup protocols, companies can worry less about physical data backups. 


  • Host your database on a physical or cloud-based server
  • Backup your data to the cloud for increased security
  • Work with remote staff or in-office staff with ease
  • Multiple office locations can access the same data