FieldOPS Features

Inventory Management and Purchasing

FieldOPS come standard with robust parts and equipment management, but for more inventory management options, there’s the Inventory Management module.

Assign a FieldOPS Stocking Location to anywhere you physically store parts — each warehouse or truck can have its own parts list in FieldOPS. Inventory counts and values are tracked in real time as parts move between locations and are used on jobs.

Extensive reporting capabilities assist with reordering, valuation of inventory, usage metrics, and other inventory management functions.

When it’s time to order parts, the FieldOPS Purchasing module provides a complete purchase order system. Attach a purchase order to a specific work order with a single click. With each purchase order, the average cost and last cost of a part is updated, which makes maintaining pricing quick and easy.  

  • Vendor management
  • As many stocking locations as needed
  • Robust inventory reporting
  • Create Standard Stock Lists and assign to stocking locations as needed
  • Compare existing inventory with stocking list
  • Get value and count on hand quickly
  • Use real purchase order data to update parts costs
  • Lookup parts by barcode