FieldOPS Features

Email and Text Messaging

Since communication is at the heart of business, FieldOPS is created to make that communication easy. From the DBoard, schedulers can send assignment information by text or email to technicians or send an “On the Way” message to customers. 

Set up HTML or plain text email templates for emails associated with Agreements, Assignments, Billing Accounts, Customers, Employees, Invoices, P.O., Receipts, Vendors, Vouchers, or Work Orders. 

This works similarly to mail merge: each email template can include tags for data in FieldOPS that will automatically fill when the email is created. You can preview the emails before sending them. 

With bulk emailing, you can create marketing lists or work queues, and send emails to each recipient simultaneously. 

FieldOPS tracks all outgoing email and text messages sent from the program, so you can refer back to messages sent by customer, work order, invoice, etc. The page and mail logs are also available to view the status of outgoing messages. 

  • Send tech assignments and “On-the-Way” messages from the DBoard
  • Set up email templates with fields from FieldOPS data
  • Create an admin email list in FieldDesk for easy reference when sending forms
  • Track all outgoing messages from FieldOPS