FieldOPS Features

Flat Rate Pricing

Provide competitive prices and simplify your data entry by using the FieldOPS Flat Rate Pricing module.

Each Flat Rate repair gets its own repair code (Group – Prefix – Repair Number) and description. The parts sale, labor sale, and sales tax amounts can be defined for regular, overtime, or agreement rates. A parts list on the repair is optional, but can be defined with options to automatically pull the parts from inventory when the flat rate is added to a Work Order, or to just use it to maintain flat rate prices when the parts costs change.

The Technician’s Repair Guide report in FieldOPS allows you to print a flat rate guide that the technicians can take with them into the field.

For users of managed Flat Rate books, FieldOPS allows for import from Callahan Roach, Collier Jennings and Profit Strategies.

  • Simplify pricing and data entry
  • Track costs vs profits for all Flat Rate repairs
  • Recompute Flat Rate Prices easily when Rate Sheets or Parts Pricing changes
  • Parts lists on Flat Rate items are optional
  • Define up to six levels of pricing for each Flat Rate repair
  • Look up Flat Rate items by Repair number, Group or Description