FieldOPS Features

Job Cost Management

If you quote fixed price jobs rather than, or in addition to, service work orders, you will need the Job Cost Management module for FieldOPS. 

With Job Cost Management, salespeople can create fixed price job quotes in the field. A pre-determined margin is added to the total when the estimate is created. Once the customer agrees to the estimate, the quote converts to a job in FieldOPS. Jobs are assigned on the DBoard just like service calls, and they function similarly for the technician. 

In the office, quickly see actual costs and profitability as the job is completed. Bill in full, or as a percentage of work complete, or specify a retention percentage for a job. 

Detailed reports show estimates vs. actual costs, labor, and profitability. Reports are also available for Jobs in Progress, Retention Receivable, and Over/Under Billings. 

  • Provide detailed or summary estimates to customers
  • Control billing and sales revenue at every invoicing stage
  • Overhead (or burden) percentages may be specified for each type of cost
  • Default overhead can be defined by call type
  • Track costs and profitability to improve future quotes