S2K™ and Vision™ Customer Option: Support and Upgrade Available

Very few things are more disruptive to your field service business than changing software is. Some companies stay with software that isn’t meeting their needs to avoid the change. Others pay exorbitant subscription prices to move to new cloud solutions that simply don’t work as advertised. We’re here to help.

Upgrade to FieldOPS™ Field Service Software

No Retraining Required. Responsive Support. Easy Data Transition.

Over the past several years, we’ve successfully transitioned many S2K™ customers along with their full data history over to Mobilogic FieldOPS with very little interruption to day-to-day business operations and with no retraining. We’d like to offer you the same experience.
Mobilogic is offering current S2K™ and Vision™ customers an upgrade promotion: Based on the number of office users and software modules covered by your current S2K™ license, Mobilogic will provide you an equivalent FieldOPS license and convert your data at a very reasonable cost. This will save you the time and expense of researching new software, retraining staff, and transitioning your entire operation to a new software platform. Plus, you will receive world-class support services for your company.

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Who are We?

As the developers of some of the first PC based field service software in the 80s and mobile technician software in the 90s, Mobilogic has been working to improve service business operations for decades. The primary developers of S2K™ through the early 2000s, Mobilogic has expert knowledge of your S2K™ software and data. We have been selling and supporting our S2K™ add-on solutions (PageRunner, MapTools and FieldDesk) from the beginning, and we still assist S2K™ customers regularly.

After the sale of S2K™ to Davisware in 2011, Mobilogic continued to support and enhance our existing add-on products. In 2013, Mobilogic released FieldOPS as a complete and seamless upgrade from S2K™. Since that time, FieldOPS and its companion applications have been continuously supported and enhanced.

Our commitment to give our customers access to leading edge solutions has also driven us to offer integrations with best-in-class offerings such as QuickBooks, pulseM and Service First Processing, along with many GPS providers’ solutions.

Why Upgrade?

We continue to improve upon both FieldOPS and FieldDesk and provide regular software updates to our customers. All S2K™ and Vision™ customers who convert to FieldOPS will receive the new emailing feature that tracks all outgoing customer communications. As a FieldOPS user, you can look forward to more updates: improvements to texting, and powerful mobile tools for your technicians, for example.

FieldOPS can be hosted and run from your own servers, with no need to pay a monthly fee for cloud hosting. Should you want FieldOPS to be hosted in the cloud, we can help you do that, too.

*Davisware asserts exclusive ownership of the trademark rights in S2000™, S2K™, S2000Win™ and Vision™

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