The View menu allows the technician to do more than the Work Order tabs alone.

View -> Linked Site

This allows the technician to pull up a linked site.  These sites were specified during the FieldDesk setup.  The sites could include the company website, vendor websites, or any relevant site.

View -> Comm Log

This allows the technician to see a record of his communication with the FieldDesk Gateway.  This is especially useful if the technician is unable to connect to the gateway.

View -> Inventory Count

This allows the technician to update his inventory by adding each part manually, or by scanning the part in his truck.  When he is finished updating, he can submit his count to update the inventory in FieldOPS.

View -> Parts Requisition

This allows the technician to order parts for his stocking location (typically his truck).  The technician can search for a part manually, or he can scan a part from his truck.  The technician can then submit his request for parts to the office with FieldOPS.

FieldOPS has the capability of taking these requests and creating purchase orders automatically.

View -> Customer Lookup

This allows the technician to look up a customer.  The number of results from the search can be changed in the FieldDesk Gateway setup.  The tech can see the customer address, contact info, location, special instructions and notes, as well as equipment, agreements, and history.  The tech can open a new work order from the customer lookup, also.

View -> Truck Stock

This allows the technician to see what he has in his truck, according to the data in FieldOPS.  This list can be updated using the “Options” button.  The truck stock table shows the quantity on-hand and the standard quantity so that the technician knows when to request parts.

View -> Receive parts

If there are parts on order, a technician can use this option to receive parts.

Tasks -> Check for messages

This checks for new work order assignments.  This can also be accomplished with the “Check for Messages” button on the Assignments page.

Tasks -> Check for system updates

This option allows the technician to check for updates to the FieldDesk system.  This is important if there are new forms or customizations.   FieldDesk also checks for system updates the first time it successfully connects to the gateway (usually the first time a technician checks for messages).

Tasks -> Discard work order

This allows the technician to remove a work order from his list.  It does not remove the work order from the DBoard in FieldOPS.  It also does not undo the check-out to the technician.  This option is useful if the dispatcher decides to reassign a work order.  A reassignment of a work order will not remove the work order from the original technician’s FieldDesk assignment list.

Tasks -> Create additional work order for customer

This allows a technician to create an additional work order for a customer.  The work order is automatically assigned to the technician in the field, but a dispatcher in the office can reassign it or change the date and time.  In this case, the technician would want to discard the work order from his assignment list.