The Repair Est. tab in FieldDesk is where the technician can add parts, labor, and other miscellaneous items to the work order.  With certain customizations activated, the Repair Est. tab is replaced with the Work Detail tab (section to follow).

By default, the Add Repair button allows the technician to choose a flat rate repair only, but with a customization option, the Add Repair button gives the technician five options: Parts, Labor, Flat Rate, Misc., or Cancel.

Parts: This option allows the technician to pick a part number by finding it in the inventory list, or by scanning in the part barcode.

To find it in the inventory list:

  • Find -> Part Lookup will pop-up in a new window.
  • Search for: type in what you’re looking for, press Find.
  • Option: search Truck Stock Only
  • Select the part you want, and press OK.

Once the part has been chosen, a Rate option will be available.

The technician can change the quantity of parts, add notes about the part, and change the equipment the part will be used for.

Note on Barcodes: Wherever there is a part number entry field, there is a scan button that the technician can use to indicate that he wants to use a keyboard wedge scanner.  To ensure all barcodes are the same size, Mobilogic created a unique barcode coding scheme.  Each part uses a “P” followed by the six digit system part number.  If the part number doesn’t match, FieldDesk and FieldOPS will look for a match in the Manufacturer Part Number (“MFGPARTNBR”), or the “AKANBR.”  This will allow you to use the manufacturer or distributor barcode as long as they match one of those fields.

Labor: Based on the labor types previously set up in FieldOPS, the technician can choose a labor type, a rate, and a quantity.  The technician can write a note about the labor used, and the equipment for which the labor was used.

Flat Rate: Based on the flat rate items in FieldOPS, the technician can pick a flat rate repair for the dropdown list, choose a rate and quantity, and add comments about the flat rate repair.

Misc.: Based on the miscellaneous items in FieldOPS, a technician can choose a miscellaneous item either by typing in a code, or looking the item up by pressing the Lookup button.  Once an item has been chosen, the unit price and quantity will be filled in by the default values, but they are editable.  If the work order is taxable, there will be a checkbox available that asks if the item is non-taxable.  The technician can add notes and change the equipment reference.

Depending on the labor or parts chosen, you can add an upgrade.

Once the repair is selected, it can be changed or removed by selecting the line item and pressing the Change or Remove buttons, respectively.

The technician can add special instructions to a repair.  These are displayed like a note would be.

The technician can apply a discount to a repair at this point in the work order process by pressing the Discount button, adding an amount, and a reason for the discount.  This is not the only opportunity to apply a discount.  Since often times customers don’t present a coupon until the time of payment, the technician can also apply a discount at the payment point.

Once the repairs have been added to the repair estimate, the customer has the opportunity to approve or deny the repairs.  The customer can uncheck any of the checkboxes on the left side of the repair descriptions.  Then, the customer can accept the proposed repairs by pressing the Accept button and signing.

When the Accept button is pushed, a new window called Accept Proposal pops up.  It shows the repair descriptions, price, discounts, sales tax, and total cost.  If the customer approves, press the Sign button, and have the customer sign off on the terms and conditions.

Once the customer has accepted the proposal, the technician can still change the proposal by pressing the Rework Proposal button.  If he does this, the customer will have to sign off on the changes again.