FieldDesk opens in an 800×600 window to fit most tablet PC screens.  The screen size can be adjusted, and scroll bars will appear when the FieldDesk window is smaller than the information displayed.

The file menu is at the top left part of the screen, much like most Windows programs.

Tabs are displayed on the bottom of the screen, starting on the left side.  By implementing tabs instead of windows, FieldDesk makes it easy to navigate between assignments and other tasks.  To close a tab, press the X button on the bottom right corner.  The X in the top right corner will close the FieldDesk program entirely.  A dialogue will ask “Are you sure you want to exit?” when you try to close the entire FieldDesk program.

Large, touchscreen friendly buttons are the primary way to navigate through FieldDesk, but many options can be accessed by double clicking on an object in a list.

Inside a work order, tabs for relevant information are displayed at the top of the screen, below the company logo.  These tabs cannot be closed since they are all a part of the work order.  The information on some tabs can be changed while other information is static.

The FieldDesk work order tabs will vary based on the customer information in FieldOPS, work order type (C.O.D. vs. Bill Out), and customizations.