MapTools in Depth

Your FieldOPS Dboard and MapTools software may be used on a single PC or viewed using dual monitors. The FieldOPS Dboard and MapTools map both show the same highlighted work order information at the bottom of the screen as well as the same Time Stamp colors for today.

As you assign your work orders by group and date on the FieldOPS Dboard, they will also appear on your MapTools map by group and date. Like FieldOPS, MapTools provides separate tabs at the bottom of the screen for quick access by date. This provides the flexibility to prepare routes for future dates.

You may select to show one, some, or all employees’ open work orders on your map at one time. Simply right click on an employee to get these options. The first three are similar to the Dboard. The other options relate to this employee on MapTools.

Employee’s homes and vendors from FieldOPS can also be shown as landmarks on your maps.

MapTools helps you to quickly locate a work order on your maps. When you highlight a work order on your FieldOPS Dboard the work order landmark will show with a yellow highlight on your map.

MapTools also provides the same familiar right click ease of use found in your FieldOPS software. Simply right click on a highlighted work order in MapTools to quickly access the same work order options. Changes made in MapTools will affect your Dboard automatically.

Time stamping today’s work order‘s on your Dboard will present the same assignment on your work order map landmark simultaneously.

MapTools also provides multiple views by Dboard group and by date for quick and efficient planning and routing,

We invite you to see MapTools in action in one of our webinars.